Dojo (2015)


(jap.) Dojo = Soil (eng.)



Dojo is a project dedicated to the love of food and a sustainable life.


With the increasingly high levels of pesticides in our food, contamination of soil and water, mass production and high levels of imported food from half-way around the globe, many people feel the need to take a few steps back and perhaps make some changes.


Living up north, with only a short period of warm weather, forces people to use alternative methods for gardening. Also, with the increasingly dense population in bigger cities, many people live in apartments without garden facilities.


Dojo is based on the concept of having your homegrown food on your dining table, whether it's tomatoes, herbs, radish, rocket or peppers, it's all right in front of you when you eat. The dining table is therefore laminated with linoleum which is a durable and natural product, that can handle water and soil spillage, and that doesn't scratch easily.


To compensate for the height of plants, the dining table is much lower than a normal dining table and inspired by the relaxed way of japanese dining.


The stool is upholstered with a textile from Kvadrat called Coda, and has a functional storage compartment beneath the seat.


The base of the dining table and the stool is made in beech, wich with its warmer and reddish tones compliments greenish plants one might have.